Celebrating Michael Jordan’s legacy at 50

English: Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and Phil...
English: Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson 1997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



(Originally posted on The Daily O’Collegian February 22, 2013)


Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player of all-time, recently celebrated his 50th birthday and is still keeping busy leading in the business field.


Although MJ is retired, others routinely copy his style of playing but to no success. What should be copied is the MJ leadership style: being a team player, being mentored correctly and leading a team with a “we did it” mentality.



Students of Oklahoma State, you can learn from greatness and apply the MJ leadership styles in the classroom, campus organizations, life and professional career.


MJ’s leadership starts with playing as a team member, mentored to lead a team and push your teammates to do their best. The millennial generation and future generations seem to be missing the boat and have been labeled as the “Me, Me, Me” generations.


One cannot be a “Me, Me, Me” person and expect others to follow you. Learn to help others, listen when needed, outreach to those in need and make sure that it’s a “we did it” not a “I did it.”


During the beginning of MJ’s NBA career, he was all about “Me, Me, Me” and could not win a championship until he started playing with a “we did it” mentality.


In order to be a better leader one has to find that mentor who will push you to the limits in a positive way.  MJ wouldn’t be the player he was if it was not for coach Phil Jackson.


Jackson was able to guide MJ to be a leader on the court and command his troops to greatness. The individual mentoring has to be someone who has what it takes to push you as a leader and make you think in a “we” matter no “me.”


Leading by example speaks louder than words. MJ did so always playing his best no matter the health conditions, win-loss record or team tensions that arose. MJ pushed everyone on his team, even Dennis Rodman, to do their best, so make sure you push your team forward not just yourself.


To lead you’re going to have to go through the tough road ahead and make sure you let your actions guide you, not your words. MJ’s actions on the court speak for itself. Do the same for your team. Let your examples lead you so that you can lead others.


MJ won 6 championships not because of the “Me, Me, Me” mentality but because of the “we did it” mentality. Can you lead a team to success using the MJ leadership style?


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