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Laura's Graduation
Laura’s Graduation (Photo credit: notashamed)

(Originally posted Sunday, March 3, 2013 at The Daily O’Collegian Newspaper)

For those of you graduating in May, the date could not come any sooner.

Soon you will be walking down the aisle receiving your diploma cover, and your name will be called out with some having family members scream so loud that it makes others get annoyed. Once you stop celebrating your graduation ceremony, life begins to hit harder than you expected.

It will hit you harder than the painful loss to Oklahoma in Bedlam during the football season or the time your computer crashed the night before your project was due.

The pain begins when the amount of bills increase, student loans must be paid back, your parents expect you to leave and, for some, wedding bells start ringing. Whether you decided to launch straight into your career or do the insane thing and go to law school, one thing is for certain: know exactly why you made the decision.

Nothing is more dangerous than for an individual to pursue a destination after college because he or she did not know what they wanted to do with his or her life.

You’ve been through a similar road before, but you probably never noticed. If you go back to the days of when you first entered college you probably had no idea as to why you decided to even attend college.

You either had to because everyone in your family attended college, you were motivated, your significant other decided to go so you decided to go, you wanted to party (how’s that working out for you?) or you wanted to make your family proud by being the first in your family to attend college.

Whatever the reason was, you stuck by it and managed to get through the college experience. You are halfway through and I applaud you.

As the saying goes “only the few survive” and the same mentality should go with you once you step down the aisle on graduation day. You are on the verge of entering a world where “only the few survive,” and if you are not aware of your surroundings major life downfalls can happen.

As someone who is still going through life, I cannot say I am an expert or have enough gray hair to be a Dr. Phil, but make sure your decisions are wise ones and make the best out of it. Enjoy the last few months, enjoy spring break and remember in the words of Oliver Emberton, “Your life is your story to write.”

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