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Why You Need To Maintain A Good Credit Score

When I started using credit cards at age 18, I was unfamiliar with what a credit score was. I only remember my parents saying that it was important because it would allow me to purchase a car at a low interest rate in the future.

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Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

My Favorite Places To Find Free Financial Material

Growing up, my father discussed personal finance with me on Sunday nights. He’d sit me down to help him write out checks for the bills. As we went through the bills, my father told me about the dangers of credit cards, why it’s important to save money and your receipts, and why everyone is trying to take money from you.

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Learning For Free This Summer With MOOCs

I always feel like the summer is a valuable time to learn something new.

Three summers ago, I was searching for videos that would educate me on starting my own business. I searched YouTube for a quality entrepreneurship video, but the results were either of short, bad quality or not educational.

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How To Inexpensively “Suit” Up For Success

Buying a suit is not a requirement in life, but if you’re hunting for a job or pulling together your first work wardrobe, it may be a necessity—especially for certain fields, such as Wall Street, banking, and other white-collar professions.

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How To Save Money When Going Out With Friends

Hello, SALT Central!

Over the years, I’ve talked a lot with friends about the challenges of a Saturday night out. After a long week of study and writing papers, we all just want to hang out and have a good time—but that can lead to a bad time when you get your tab at last call.

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How To Maximize Your Summer Internship

When I was an undergraduate political science student, I remember my friends telling me that student’s who intern for a politician get stuck licking stamps and answering the phones. I did not want to just answer phones all day; I wanted to work, get the most experience, and build skills that would help advance my future career.

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